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We’re passionate about artists rights and making the music industry fairer for independent musicians. Your Job Is To Create. We Make Sure You Get Paid.


Distribute your music to every major platforms worldwide like Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Tidal and more in a few clicks


Your music may be earning money you’re not collecting. We’ll help you collect all your neighboring rights royalties.


Want to gain exposure or target specific markets? We offer promotional & marketing services.

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Our Distribution Channels

Want to Reach More Fans and Increase Your Streams?

We'll get your music into Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, Boomplay, plus a ton of other stores & streaming services get paid all of your royalties including Neighboring Rights Royalties and Publishing Royalties.

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Everything You Need in One Place.

You pushed your music locally. Now, let’s distribute your music and make you global.

Unlimited Uploads

Distribute as much music as you want, to 150+ major streaming platforms – in as little as 7 days.

Multiple Artists

Our platform supports multiple artists under a single account, making it perfect for labels with more to 20 different acts.

100% Ownership

InterSpace Distribution does not own any stake in your music. You own all the rights to your music.

Monthly Royalties Reporting

Access comprehensive monthly royalty reports to help you track your earnings from various stores.

Priority Customer Service

Get priority customer service from our dedicated team, ensuring that your queries and issues are resolved promptly.

Analytics & Accounting

Our in-depth royalty analytics provide you with a detailed understanding of where your income is coming from.


Get a free InterSpace SmartLink every time you release new music so fans can stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer the day your music drops.
Share your sound across all the major streaming platforms with just One Link.


Tools & Insights.

Track your music’s performance across major platforms, explore sales insights and download detailed royalties statement data from your InterSpace dashboard to help you plan the best next steps for your career.

What our Users are Saying


Ever since day one, the InterSpace Distribution team have treated me like family, providing me a platform that I would have only dreamt of having a few years ago. As a DJ, I've been able to release music with no hassle at all. I highly recommend InterSpace for all your distribution needs.

ENAYBLVCK digital music distribution


InterSpace Distribution for me is what teamwork looks like; a very effective, professional, transparent and supportive distribution platform. Client growth is their biggest priority and that's a plus one for me.



I really appreciate this platform and family for having me, at first when i signed up, I wasn’t too sure and serious about the platform. Fast forward to 3 months later, I got over 1 million streams on my mixtape. It’s such a huge deal for my career.



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