Mistakes That Gets Your Music Removed From Streaming Services

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Releasing music on streaming services can be an excellent way to reach a broad audience, but it is essential to adhere to the guidelines and rules set by these platforms. Here are common mistakes that can lead to your music being removed from streaming services:

1. Inappropriate Cover Art

  • Copyright Infringement: Using images, logos, or artwork without proper permissions can lead to removal. Always ensure you have the rights to use the images on your cover art.
  • Inappropriate Content: Including explicit, violent, racist, or pornographic content in your cover art can violate guidelines.
  • Low-Quality Images: Using low-resolution, watermarked, or improperly scaled images can result in rejection.

2. Metadata Errors

  • Mismatched Information: The artist name, track title, and album title must match the information in your metadata and cover art.
  • Incorrect Artist Information: Listing the wrong artists or misspelling their names can cause confusion and lead to removal.
  • Fake Collaborations: Falsely claiming collaborations with popular artists to gain traction is against the rules.

3. Copyright Violations

  • Unauthorized Samples: Using samples without proper clearance can lead to your music being taken down.
  • Cover Songs without Licensing: Covering a song without the appropriate licenses can result in removal.
  • Remixes and Bootlegs: Distributing remixes or bootlegs without permission from the original artist or rights holder is prohibited.

4. Misleading Content

  • False Marketing: Misleading descriptions, keywords, or titles that do not accurately represent the content can lead to removal.
  • Spam Tactics: Uploading repetitive or spammy content to manipulate streaming numbers is not allowed.

5. Explicit Content

  • Unlabeled Explicit Content: Not labeling explicit songs correctly can violate streaming service policies.
  • Parental Advisory Misuse: Using parental advisory warnings incorrectly or without cause can lead to issues.

6. Improper Use of Platform Features

  • Incorrect Use of Lyrics: Violating guidelines regarding the submission of lyrics, such as including offensive language without proper labeling.
  • Manipulation of Algorithms: Attempting to game the system with fake plays or paid streams can result in your music being removed.

7. Distribution Violations

  • Multiple Distributors: Uploading the same music through multiple distributors without proper coordination can cause conflicts and removals.
  • Incorrect Format: Submitting music files that do not meet the technical specifications of the streaming service (e.g., incorrect file type, bitrate).

8. Unresolved Disputes

  • Rights Disputes: Any legal disputes over ownership rights can lead to your music being taken down until the issue is resolved.

Best Practices to Avoid Removal

  • Follow Guidelines: Thoroughly read and follow the guidelines provided by each streaming service.
  • Double-Check Metadata: Ensure all metadata is accurate and consistent.
  • Secure Proper Rights: Obtain all necessary rights and permissions for samples, covers, and artwork.
  • Quality Control: Use high-quality, properly formatted audio files and images.
  • Honest Marketing: Accurately describe and promote your music without misleading information.

By avoiding these common mistakes and adhering to best practices, you can ensure that your music remains available and accessible on streaming services.

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